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Barbara Dalziel (ND, BHSc, SQPP, CAST/ISST)

Montréal, Québec

Psychotherapist and CAST President, Barbara is a CAST and ISST certified Sandplay Therapist, teaching member and supervisor. She is a member of the Société Québécoise des Psychothérapeutes Professionnels-les, as well the Naturopathic Association of Québec. Barbara works with young children, teens and adults on the West Island of Montréal, where she has had a private Sandplay Therapy practice for eight years. Her work involves individuals, families, schools and community agencies. Barbara has presented at CAST and NADT National Conferences. She provides personal process, supervision and advising to Sandplay trainees.

Telephone: 514-217-6020
Email: barbara.dalziel@sympatico.ca

Bea Donald (Ph.D. candidate, MBA, MA, RCC, RMFT, CAST/ISST)

Vancouver, British Columbia

A Teaching Member of CAST since 2000, Bea has taught Sandplay Therapy in Canada and South Korea. In her private practice, she is supervisor and consultant to Sandplay trainees in Canada and abroad, also serving as an international reader of final case reports for ISST certification. In her agency work as clinical supervisor and manager she also trains interns and practicing therapists in Sandplay. She has published articles on Sandplay in the Japanese, American and German Sandplay Association journals. Bea is a Ph.D. candidate in Philosophy of Education at Simon Fraser University. Her dissertation is a contemporary philosophical approach to the Sandplay process.

Telephone: 604-340.7603
Email: beadonald@shaw.ca

Armande Duval (Lic.ens sec, Lic. U.Louvain, SQPP, CAST/ISST)

Québec City, Québec

Enseignante et directrice d'école, elle travaille auprès des enfants pendant plus de 40 ans. Armande Duval détient une licence de l'Institut International Lumen Vitae affilié à l'université de Louvain (20 ans de scolarité reconnus : M.E.Q.) et une licence en enseignement secondaire de luniversité Laval.

Elle a poursuivi deux années de formation en psychanalyse jungienne à l'Institut C.G. Jung de Zurich. Elle a reçu sa formation en psychothérapie par le jeu de sable sous la direction de Martin Kalff (Suisse). Elle pratique cette approche à Québec depuis 1991. Elle est membre enseignant et superviseure de l'Association canadienne pour la thérapie par le jeu de sable (CAST) et de l'International Society for Sandplay Therapy. Elle est membre de la Société Québécoise des Psychothérapeutes Professionnels-les. Elle a fait connaître le jeu de sable en donnant plusieurs ateliers à différents professionnels de la santé incluant : psychologues, travailleurs sociaux, médecins, ostéopathes, intervenants en art-thérapie...

Ses plus grands maîtres : les enfants
"Ce sont eux qui m'ont appris l'essentiel."

Téléphone: 418-658-0012
Courriel : armande.duval@sympatico.ca

Maria Iosue (MSW/RSW, MA Soc, CAST/ISST)

Richmond Hill, Ontario

Teaching member of CAST and ISST, and an instructor at Ryerson University since 2005. Currently in private practice north of Toronto, Maria also provides mental health services in a southern Ontario hospital to children and families.

Her clinical experience includes working with various mental health issues, addictions and trauma. She has presented at national and international sandplay conferences, and has written for the Journal of Sandplay Therapy. A Past President of CAST, Maria has also been a representative to the Alliance of Psychotherapy Training Institutes and the Coalition of Mental Health Professionals in Toronto.

Telephone: 905-771-5211
Email: maria@mariaiosue.ca

Mikyung Jang, (Ph.D. CAST/ISST)

Seoul, South Korea

Master & PhD, Sookmyung Women's University, Department of Child Welfare. BA, Seoul Women's Universy, Department of Child Study. Head of Child Psychotherapy and Counseling for Graduate Studies, Namseoul University. Director of Child & Family Counseling Center of Namseoul University. Co-director of Mara Child Counseling Center. Certified Child Counselor & Supervisor by Korea Association for Child Study. Certified Play Therapist & Supervisor (CPT, CPT-S) by Play Therapy International & Play Therapy UK.

Telephone: (011) 82-10-3245-4399
E-mail: jangmiky@hotmail.com Therapy UK.

Yvon Rivière (Ph.D, CAST/ISST)

Montréal, Quebec

Yvon is a Jungian Analyst (dip. Analytical Psychology, Zurich), a certified Sandplay Therapist and holds a Ph.D in Arts from Paris University, 1978. He began practising Sandplay Therapy in Zürich in 1992 and has been in private practice in Montréal, Québec since 1995. Yvon offers personal Sandplay process, Sandplay workshops (beginner and clinical work with Sandplay) and individual and group supervision. All services are available in French, English and Spanish.

Telephone: 514-485-0354

Sylvia Simonyi-Elmer (Ph.D, CAST/ISST)

Kingston, Ontario

Sylvia completed a Bachelor of Science (Honors, Psychology) and a post-graduate diploma (Master's equivalent) in Psychological Assessment and Counselling (DCS) from The Institute of Child Study, University of Toronto. She then completed a distance education Ph.D in Child Psychotherapy and Play Therapy. Her other certifications include Play Therapy and Sandplay Therapy. Sylvia has taught in the United States, Canada and Bulgaria. Currently, she runs a full-time private practice in Kingston. Sylvia is also on the CAST board of directors and the International Sandplay Therapy Board of Directors (ISST).

Telephone: 613- 548-0969
Email: sylvia.simonyielmer@icloud.com

Denise Tanguay (MA, ATR, SQPP, CAST/ISST)

Saint-Sauveur, Québec

Denise holds a Master's degree in Philosophy from Ottawa University and a Master's degree in Art Therapy from Concordia University. She has worked as an art therapist in a psychiatric setting for 12 years and she has taught Art Therapy at Concordia University for 14 years. A certified Sandplay therapist, she is a teaching member and offers supervision in Sandplay. She has been using Sandplay in her therapeutic practice since 1989 and has a private practice in Saint-Sauveur, Québec. She is also a Fellow of the Association for Music & Imagery, and a member of the Association des art-thérapeutes du Québec.

Telephone: 450-227-4600
Email: dtanguay@alcor.concordia.ca

Brenda Weinberg (Ed. D., OSP, CAST/ISST)

Toronto, Ontario

Brenda holds a doctoral degree in Education (University of Toronto, 2009) and a Master's degree in Psychology (York University, 1991).

She became a certified Sandplay therapist in 1995 and has been a Teaching Member, supervisor and advisor for CAST/ISST since 1997. Since 2000, she has been a Clinical Member of the Ontario Society of Psychotherapists (OSP). Working in agencies with people with developmental/emotional challenges and in private practice with children and adults for almost two decades, Brenda helped initiate Sandplay Therapy training programs in both Canada and South Korea. She currently teaches Sandplay and supervises interns in both countries. Brenda is recognized as an international reader of trainees' final case reports for ISST certification purposes.

Telephone: 416-445-6404
Email: brejeberg@gmail.com

Nehama Baum *Retired Faculty (Ph.D., C. Psych.)

Toronto, Ontario

Dr. Baum holds over forty years of experience in the developmental services sector. Having received her MA in Special Education and Counselling, Dr. Baum worked at the Israeli Ministry of Education before moving to Canada, where she received her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology at the University of Toronto.

A graduate of the Ontario College of Psychologists, Dr. Baum is the Founder and Executive Director of MukiBaum Treatment Centres, a charitable organization for children, adolescents and adults with complex disabilities, in particular with dual diagnosis: a combination of developmental and emotional/psychiatric disorders. In 2001, Dr. Baum initiated the creation of the MukiBaum Sensory-Motor Therapy Centre - it is among a handful of programs in North America providing intense, all-encompassing sensory therapy to people with dual diagnosis, autistic spectrum disorders, and other complex disabilities. She is also the founder of the Come To Your Senses Conference series. Dr. Baum is dedicated to improving the quality of life of people with disabilities through various means, including sensory and vocational therapies, expressive art education and therapies, and Sandplay Therapy. Pioneering the use of Sandplay Therapy in Canada and directing it to those who are complexly disabled is one of Dr. Baum's key contributions to the field of mental illness and dual diagnosis. Her commitment to the use of Sandplay Therapy and psychotherapy with this population mobilizes Dr. Baum's ongoing research in this field. Results of her findings are regularly presented at national and international conferences, as well as in numerous professional publications. Dr. Baum is a Certified Sandplay Therapist, and retired Teaching Member of ISST/CAST. On a part-time basis she provides individual therapy to children, youth and adults at her private practice in Toronto.

Telephone: 416-630-2222 ext 240
Email: info@mukibaum.com

Joan Németh *Retired Faculty (CAST)

London, Ontario

Retired Teaching Member, Founding member, Board member and Past President of CAST. As a Special Education teacher I worked for many years with children who had academic, emotional and social problems.

From this I realized I wanted to establish a setting where I would be able to offer a more therapeutic experience. An important orientation was established through decades of studying Jungian psychology. When I discovered the existence of Sandplay it seemed to me to be a wonderful therapeutic approach. I joined the first Sandplay training group in Canada, attaining CAST/ISST certification in 1997, followed by Teaching Member status. Along with this I completed extensive training in play therapy. I offered Sandplay therapy in private practice in Oakville for ten years. I have made presentations at CAST conferences in Toronto and Kingston, and at the ISST Congress in Rome, 2005.

Telephone: 519-679-0491
Email: jnemeth_7@sympatico.ca

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